Board Buddy Wake Surf Training Aid

The easiest way to teach a newb how to surf.
Less learning time for them means more riding time for you!



Less learning time for newbs
means more riding time for you!

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Introducing Board Buddy wake surf training aid – the easiest way
to teach a newbie how to surf. Board Buddy eliminates that awkward
feeling of holding the board against your feet while you’re learning to
get out of the water. No more struggling. No more early morning
stretching exercise. No more worn out friends before they ever get up.
Just strap in and ride!

Surf’s Up!

We’ve all been there…a nice sunny day on the lake and your first-time friend wants to give surfing a go. Great. It ain’t a party unless everyone’s invited! But this friend may be a little more suited for couch surfing than wake surfing. Maybe they’re not a world-class athlete in their prime. So they struggle and struggle to get the hang of holding the board in place as you give them a little pressure on the rope. After a dozen tries, a gallon of gas, and 45 minutes of your time and patience, they’re worn out, you’re frustrated, and you boatmates are bored.

Board Buddy helps shorten the teaching time by removing the awkward struggle to hold the board in place and lets the newb rider focus on getting up, lets you focus on riding, and lets your friends focus on shooting video of the inevitable faceplant.

Get yours today and spend less time teaching and more time riding.

$64.95 On sale now for just $49.95    Buy Now >

Simple and Effective

Board Buddy’s simple design means quick on and
quick off for minimal switch time between riders.
And the low-profile aluminum hooks don’t
affect the performance of the board in the water.

$64.95 On sale now for just $49.95    Buy Now >

Adjustable Stance

Board Buddy uses two hook & loop straps between the hooks to adjust for stance width. The adjustable straps let you fit Board Buddy to your rider’s preferred stance width or the ideal stance for the board.

Also, Board Buddy is designed to allow the rider’s feet to move and twist as needed to find a comfortable stance. No rigid boots or bindings that lock the rider’s feet in place in a position they don’t like.

$64.95 On sale now for just $49.95    Buy Now >

Versatile Fit

Board Buddy is designed to fit most sizes and styles of wake surfboard. The curve of your board will naturally want to force the hooks to the tips, but the hook & loop straps connecting the aluminum hooks prevent this movement for a secure fit. The aluminum hooks have a wide radius to fit boards up to 1.125″ thick.

$64.95 On sale now for just $49.95    Buy Now >

One Size Fits All

Board Buddy’s versatile design and adjustability mean that one size fits all – from the smallest grom taking their first ride to the biggest veteran trying something new. Board Buddy fits everyone and helps flatten out a steep learning curve.

$64.95 On sale now for just $49.95    Buy Now >

Easy Installation

Watch this short video to learn how quickly and easily you can install and use your Board Buddy wake surf training aid.