Rescue Pegs

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Can I use Rescue Pegs without the plate and nuts on the bottom?
Yes, for short-term use, in emergencies for example. For longer, more serious use always use the mounting hardware. And on Rescue Pegs FS2 you have to use the rear mounting plate or they won’t work.
How do I know which Rescue Pegs model I need?
Check the fit chart for your application. If that doesn’t work, see the details page for measurements and compare those with your footpeg. If you still aren’t sure, email or call us for assistance.
How much weight will Rescue Pegs support?
Rescue Pegs have been tested to hold over 170 pounds without bending or breaking. However, we do not recommend that you repeatedly place that much weight on them due to metal fatigue. You should always mount the motorcycle without the use of the Rescue Pegs then place your feet on them. Rescue Pegs will provide years of passenger comfort when used properly.
How long does it take to install Rescue Pegs?
Rescue Pegs install in just seconds. It literally takes just a few seconds to place Rescue Pegs on your bike’s footpegs. If you choose to use the hardware to more securely install them, it will take just a minute or two to tighten the nuts on the bottom.
What tools are needed to install Rescue Pegs?
Rescue Pegs install easily and quickly with a 13mm wrench or socket.