The Hooker

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The Hooker won’t work with most over-the-rail drop-in plastic bed liners.
These bed liners prevent access to the bed rail.
One option is to cut holes in the liner where you need to locate The Hooker.

The Hooker universal truck bed hooks OverRailLarge

The Hooker works well with most plastic drop-in bed liners.
If you have access to the bed rail, The Hooker will probably
work with your truck.
Some customers have found that they can twist The Hooker
into place even with limited bed rail access.

The Hooker universal truck bed hooks UnderRailLarge

The Hooker works great with sprayed-in bed liners.
The Hooker works with sprayed-in liners that go
over the bed rail or stop underneath.

The Hooker universal truck bed hooks SprayedLinerOverLarge

The Hooker does not work with most OEM and aftermarket bed rail cargo
management hardware because the bed rail is too wide for The Hooker.
Some trucks now come equipped from the factory with rails or other hardware
for moveable anchors. The Hooker will usually not work with these trucks.

The Hooker universal truck bed hooks FactoryRailHardwareLarge

The Hooker works great with plastic or metal bed rail caps.
Some trucks come equipped with OEM plastic or metal caps mounted along
the top of the bed rail.
The Hooker is designed to work with these caps and has plenty of room
to account for the extra width.

The Hooker universal truck bed hooks BedRailCapsLarge


What happens if the rubber extender wears out?
In over ten years we haven’t seen it happen yet, but if it does, we will replace them at no cost to you. Just contact us and we will send you replacements.
How many of The Hooker hooks do I need?

The number of hooks you need depends on the size of your truck bed and how much cargo you need to secure. Small to medium truck beds are probably good with a set of four hooks. Extended and 8-feet truck beds may require two sets (eight hooks) when securing a full load. We recommend you space them about two to three feet apart, depending upon use. Always use more when necessary for the situation.

Can I use The Hooker to tie down a motorcycle?

Yes and no. The Hooker was designed to carry loads that pull straight up or at an angle less than about 30 degrees, and they offer no sliding resistance back and forth on the bed rail. However, if needed you can chock your front wheel securely and use The Hooker to pull directly parallel to the handlebars. See the instruction sheet in the DOCUMENTS section of this web site for more information.

How long will The Hooker last?

The Hooker will outlast your truck! The Hooker has no moving parts to rust, wear out or break. The Hooker’s simple design uses only an extruded aluminum hook and an extruded rubber extender. Both should last a lifetime. In fact, a set installed on a truck that sits in the hot Southern California sun are just as good eight years later as they were the day they were installed.

How much weight will The Hooker hold?

The Hooker will hold 1,250 pounds per hook.

What keeps The Hooker hooks in place?

The Hooker uses a small, flexible rubber piece called a rubber extender to hold the hooks in place on your truck bed rail. These rubber extenders keep the hooks in place while you load your cargo, and do so without damaging your truck’s finish.