You just yard-saled on a huge rocky downhill. Your ego is a disaster, you bent your handlebars, but worst of all, you broke your arm. And it hurts. And your truck is parked ten miles away across rough terrain.

broken arm

Now what?

None of us like to think about injuries, but they’re a very real part of our sport.

Rescue Pegs can help get you to safety, safely. Grab your set of emergency Rescue Pegs you keep in your tool pack and put them to work. In less than sixty seconds one of your buddies can install them on their bike and safely give you a ride to your truck. No dangling legs hanging to the side waiting to hit a rock and cause further injury. No tired legs by the time you get to the parking lot. Nothing but a safe ride and medical care in your future.

Now what? Now Rescue Pegs. Now get yours today!