Rescue Pegs FS2


Rescue Pegs, model FS2: Simple, clip-on passenger footpegs for dirt bikes

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Rescue Pegs: The Easiest Passenger Pegs on the Market!
Model: FS2
Rescue Pegs off-road passenger footpegs provide a safe, convenient, temporary place for an injured rider or passenger to place their feet without interfering with the driver’s normal operation of the bike. The driver of the bike places their feet on the normal footpegs while the injured rider places their feet outside the driver’s feet. The driver still has full, comfortable access to the shift and brake levers.
• Provide a solid place for a passenger’s feet
• Won’t interfere with driver’s controls
• Fit most narrow and tall OEM footpegs
• Fit narrow and tall aftermarket footpegs
• Fit nearly ALL aftermarket and OEM footpegs (sometimes the FS1 is the best fit)
• Fully adjustable fit with both front and rear height adjustments
• Click ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for proper fitment
• Only $64.95 per set

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