The Hooker

Universal Truck Bed Hooks

Quickly and easily add tie-down anchors to almost any pickup truck bed

Easily, instantly, add tie-down anchors to your truck bed

If you own a truck, you need The Hooker

  • Add instant tie-down anchors to any standard truck bed rail
  • Moveable, removable, completely versatile
  • No permanent installation or modification required

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Why Choose The Hooker?

  • Secure furniture, appliances, wood, tools, equipment and more
  • Anchor your cargo so it stays where it belongs
  • Place tie-down anchors where YOU want them
  • No need to modify truck w/expensive or ugly add-ons
  • A simple, easy, cheap solution to your cargo security needs
  • Extruded aluminum construction; nothing to rust or wear out
  • 1,250 lbs. working load per hook
  • Made in the USA

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the nuts and bolts

Will The Hooker universal truck bed hooks fit my truck?

The Hooker fits most pickup trucks from the early 1980s to current models.

  1. You must have access to the bed rail of your pickup truck
  2. The combined thickness of the bed rail plus any hardware must be less than 0.5″ (1/2″)
  3. The flat under the bed rail needs to be about 1″ or more wide

If your bed rail meets these three criteria, The Hooker should fit.

If The Hooker doesn’t fit – No worries! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If they don’t fit or you’re not happy with The Hooker just return them for a full refund.

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Rubber Extender

The Hooker features the unique rubber extender, designed to keep the hooks in place while you load your cargo.

The rubber extender is a flexible rubber insert designed to hold the hook in place against your truck’s bed rail without causing damage to paint.


0.75″ Hole

The Hooker has an oversized 0.75″ hole to accommodate almost any tie-down materials you choose:

  • Heavy-gauge rope
  • Ratcheting tie-downs
  • Bungees with metal or plastic hooks
  • Straps

Low Profile Design

The upright segment of The Hooker uses a convenient low-profile design so the hooks won’t interfere with your cargo.

The upright is only 0.25″ thick.


Each set of The Hooker contains:

  • 4 extruded aluminum hooks
  • 4 self-adhesive foam rubber strips*
  • 1 carabineer for carrying the hooks

*apply these strips to protect your truck’s finish

  1. Use with rope, tie-downs, bungee-cords, ratcheting tie-downs, etc.
  2. Large 3/4″ hole
  3. Attaches easily under standard truck bed rails
  4. Heavy-duty extruded aluminum construction for up to 1,250 lbs. working load per hook


CHEVROLET S10 1984-2004 (P/N: 11-1001)
COLORADO 2004-2018 (P/N: 11-1001)
C/K 1980-2000 (P/N: 11-1001)
SILVERADO 1999-2018 (P/N: 11-1001)
DODGE DAKOTA 1987-2018 (P/N: 11-1001)
RAM 1994-2018 (P/N: 11-1001)
FORD RANGER 1983-2018 (P/N: 11-1001)
F SERIES 1980-2018 (P/N: 11-1001)
GMC S-15 1982-1990 (P/N: 11-1001)
SONOMA 1991-2004 (P/N: 11-1001)
CANYON 2004-2018 (P/N: 11-1001)
SIERRA 1988-2018 (P/N: 11-1001)
MAZDA B SERIES 1994-2009 (P/N: 11-1001)
NISSAN FRONTIER 1998-2003 (P/N: 11-1001)
TITAN 2004-2018 w/o UtiliTrack (P/N: 11-1001)
TOYOTA TACOMA 1995-2004 (P/N: 11-1001)
T100 1993-1998 (P/N: 11-1001)
TUNDRA 1999-2006 (P/N: 11-1001)

If your model is not listed above please contact us using the contact form or call 909.730.8420.